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As more candidates seek out new jobs on their mobiles – with Glassdoor revealing that nine in ten use their mobile in the recruitment process – many are dropping off the radar at the next stage when they are unable to actually follow through and apply without switching devices. Further insight from the firm revealed that businesses investing in mobile adverts without considering the application stage will be inadvertently damaging their employer branding.

Laurie Padua, Director of Technology and Operations Consulting at Alexander Mann Solutions, explains:

“Candidates nowadays want to be able to complete their job hunt from start to end on the go. When we consider that fewer people have their own laptop or desktop computer, yet almost everyone has a mobile, it makes sense that mobile is the best route to actively engaging with applicants. However, forcing them to switch devices once the initial attraction takes places in order to capture their details is illogical.”

“Investing in the development of an effective candidate mobile experience is a great step in a world where everyone is seeking information on the go.

“But we now need to see more companies dedicating resources to making the application stage mobile friendly, otherwise this initial brand investment could simply amount to nothing.”


Photo: www.depositphotos.com/stockasso