Mind & Matter logo at M&M 2015BT, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, EY and Jaguar Land Rover are just four of the companies who will meet to share case studies focusing on incorporating mindfulness within organisations to develop sustainable, compassionate, high-performance leadership.

Speakers include:

  • Sir Anthony Seldon
  • Tim Loughton MP, Co-chair, Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group
  • Associate Professor Megan Reitz and Michael Chaskalson from Ashridge Executive Education
  • Debbie Jeremiah, Mindful Leader Program Manager, Faculty Emerging Leader, GE Crotonville
  • Bruce Greenhalgh, Global Health and Wellbeing Clinical Lead, BT
  • Lara Carty, Head of Learning and Leadership Development EMEA, Bank of America Merrill Lynch M&M 2015 Roundtables 1

Key points being addressed at the conference:

  • What does modern leadership look like and how is mindfulness woven into broader leadership issues?
  • Embedding mindfulness within complex and diverse organisations to create high-performing leadership teams
  • The latest evidence-based case studies showing how mindfulness can improve leadership
  • How mindful practice can improve engagement scores, increase empowerment and foster innovation
  • How much mindfulness is enough and how can it best be delivered to busy people?M&M 2015 Roundtables 2

Mind & Matter Leaders has been borne from Mind & Matter 2015, a conference looking at the application of mindfulness at work. That inaugural conference saw over 150 attendees from diverse organisations.

Ashridge Executive Education is Executive Education Partner for the event. Ashridge is consistently ranked and accredited as one of the world’s leading business schools.

Megan Reitz, Associate Professor at Ashridge Executive Education, says: M&M 2015 Audience 2

“We are delighted to partner with Mind and Matter to provide a forum where leaders can access and assess the latest research on mindfulness, exchange experiences and learn from those designing and evaluating organisational interventions. With such a sudden increase in interest in mindfulness, it becomes important that we robustly examine how mindfulness might be relevant to leaders, their organisations and society and to share what we know and what we still don’t know about the subject. This then enables us to make choices as to whether, and how to change our own practice and intervene in organisational systems.

“There is a general consensus that leaders require new capacities to deal with the global challenges we face in the 21st century. Our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous context emphasises the need for resilience, collaboration across boundaries and effectively making and learning from decisions.

“There is promising evidence that developing a practice of mindfulness can assist with these skills and this is one reason for the recent explosion of interest in the area from those practicing leadership and those helping to develop leaders.”