McDermott Guy PicAllocate Software, a provider of offshore and maritime workforce management software, announced McDermott International successfully deployed the company’s Offshore Suite, creating a central skills matrix that harnesses the talents of its global workforce to implement some of the world’s most complex engineering projects. In fact, since using Allocate Software, McDermott introduced global scheduling, enhanced visibility of the organisation’s skills and training requirements, increased cross-functional collaboration and realised significant time savings through automation.

McDermott Rig PicMcDermott was looking to replace its in-house system including various databases, spreadsheets and paper files with a faster, more agile way of consolidating all crew and training information in one place. McDermott selected Allocate’s OffshoreSuite solution, which is specifically designed to help organisations simplify the task of finding, deploying and managing appropriately skilled staff in the challenging offshore environment.

Andrew Leys, Vice President, Human Resources at McDermott International commented, “Since introducing Offshore Suite, we have successfully scheduled 7,075 people across 11 primary vessels, a number of support vessels and 4 marine bases. Now we can quickly look up any crew member around the world, see their work history, where they are working and assign them to a project or new role based on their skills and experience.”

Offshore Suite is easy to use and offers easy access to pertinent staff information. Allocate has increased collaboration and improved ways of working between complementary departments such as Crewing Logistics, HR and the Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security (QHSES). From one single, integrated platform, staff can combine scheduling and training information and attach and store scanned documents to save hours of time. What is more, Allocate is also a valuable customer service tool. Project managers can view and print training and travel documents both on and offshore, which is advantageous when it comes to managing a client’s specific requirements.

Allocate Person skills

As part of next steps, McDermott plans to create reliable data analytics reports to give managers high-level insight into crucial areas such as crew mobilisations and manning requirements for different projects.

Crispin Jessop, offshore workforce management specialist, Defence and Maritime Allocate Software concluded, “Allocate helps to manage a truly global workforce in often harsh working environments. We pride ourselves on our hard-earned reputation for excellent customer care and technical support. Offshore engineering companies face the challenge of managing thousands of staff working on complex projects often in dangerous circumstances and rely on our technology to confidently deploy the right people to the right place at the right time. In such a highly competitive market it is essential to maintain the safety of staff whilst delivering successful projects.”