MATRIXA globalised economy, a hyper-connected society, remote technologies and mobile devices have meant one thing for businesses: increase in the number of online trainings.

Instead of sitting in a room, listening to a company representative talk about your duties, role and responsibilities, companies can instead utilize the power of e-learning platforms. These platforms are quickly changing the way businesses, large and small, are conducting their trainings.

MATRIX is an online training platform that is facilitating this trend in the business world.

A product of Cypher Learning, MATRIX offers instructors and companies an array of features that can enable the training experience in a 21st century atmosphere. With millennial professionals – those between 18 and 34 – gradually taking over the workplace, MATRIX is a valuable tool for companies and their fully-wired employees.

MATRIX3The product allows instructors to easily create captivating courses without any design skills, keep their teaching materials in a centralised location, and get instant access to important learner information. Instructors also have the possibility to sell courses using e-commerce.

MATRIX can be personalised to fit your organisation’s specific needs. You can customise many aspects of the platform to match your brand, enable and disable features, and integrate your favorite tools.

MATRIX also increases learner engagement, which leads to an improved work flow and higher levels of productivity. Learners are more motivated to interact with course material when content is combined with gamification, rewards, and goals.

Of course, there will be questions, comments and concerns. This is handled through an array of collaboration and communication tools. Everything from web conferencing to social networking, from instant messaging to a resources library, access for trainers and trainees is maximised.

At the back-end of the e-learning system, companies can make plenty of use in regards to administration, site-wide policies, system networks and even branded mobile apps for their business.

MATRIX 2In today’s economy, many businesses have to tighten their belts as budgets are limited. MATRIX LMS costs as little as $129 per month to as high as $12,000 a month. This comes with a free trial, unlimited storage and technical support.

Rather than depending on various systems for trainings, companies can instead incorporate only MATRIX into their corporate strategy. This way of hosting online training sessions is a lot more effective and useful than establishing live, low-quality video sessions on the Internet.

The young professionals today are part of the most tech-savvy generation in history. MATRIX LMS helps companies to leap into the 21st century.