Future of Earth is proud to support the work that London-based e-commerce booking platform fibodo is doing to create a healthier, happier world by connecting service-businesses with existing and new clients.

We are delighted to announce that fibodo has opened a new funding round, with the aim of securing £2.5m. This investment will enable fibodo to establish itself as the go-to platform in the UK for time-led service industries.

Founded in 2014, fibodo is a fully-customisable SaaS e-commerce solution that connects service businesses with existing and new clients, and provides them with access to fibodo’s exclusive marketing channels. In 2019, fibodo won a prestigious Lotus Award for innovation and this year will provide the booking platform for the awards celebration and be a sponsor of the awards. 

The platform is scalable and supports businesses from most service sectors, of any size, offering the ultimate in flexibility for individuals, organisations and anyone that has aspirations to run their own business. 

Since its launch, more than 220,000 bookings have been made via the platform with more than 3,000 registered hosts. The company is post-traction and ready to scale with strategic partnerships in place, and a growing sales funnel.

The business is now looking to attract new investors that share its vision in offering award-winning affordable tech, which is easy to set up and simple to use, giving anyone with an ambition the tools to be successful.

Anthony Franklin, founder and managing director of fibodo, commented: “As the world’s major economies have matured, they have become dominated by service focused businesses.”

“However, many of the management tools and techniques used by these service providers were initially designed for retail companies, and therefore do not meet the needs of service businesses.”

“fibodo has been designed specifically with service industries in mind, addressing this previous gap in the market.”