By Gloria Lombardi

“We enable organizations to advance their mission by capturing the best of what every person has to offer. We enable people to do the best work of their lives with technology that adapts to their way – not the other way.” Jive, Manifesto

Building and maintaining a big name in modern communication and collaboration solutions for businesses can be a real challenge in today’s crowded world of enterprise software. Or so they think. But, Jive has done it, and it is already showing the benefits of innovating and embracing new work styles.

For years the company has enabled employees, partners and customers of organisations such as Grant Thornton, Groupon, 24 Care, Deutsche Bank, Firmenich, Xchanging and PwC to work better together through their social platform.

Now, with the newly announced Jive Daily, Jive Chime and Jive People apps, they are helping businesses to adopt new “mobile habits” that drive staff alignment and engagement. The three applications have been built to ensure that workers stay informed, connect in real-time and quickly find experts within their company from their devices.

Jive Daily

Jive Daily app will be available on 18th February on the App Store and Android Market.  It cascades news to all levels of an organisation, with newsfeeds tailored to each user’s specific interests, team and function, allowing employee to receive just the information that they need.

People can also see who is posting and respond by commenting, liking and following from anywhere. By putting a face to a name company news becomes more personal and transparent, supporting the establishment of familiarity and trust between executives and employees.

The app also provides actionable metrics on who is reading and when someone is participating, which means internal communicators and company leaders can better understand and improve the impact of communications.

As the company puts it “Jive Daily helps companies get the word out, drive conversations and analyze communications impact in real time. Progressing from one-way emails or informational flyers that get lost, communications and human resources teams can now keep employees in the know via the mobile devices that are already part of their daily habits. With Jive Daily, employees can quickly check out the most relevant news from executives and colleagues, and instantly engage in two-way dialogue.”

As part of a limited beta several companies across various verticals have already deployed the app and are seeing immediate results. A good example comes from the C-Suite Network. CEO Thomas White seems to be very enthusiastic: “Jive Daily was built with mobile in mind as that’s increasingly the way I choose to work, as do my employees and contacts from across the C-Suite Network. We were instantly able to launch Jive Daily and see immediate results in sharing information and content across every level of the company.”

Jive Chime

Responding to the popular trend of chat functionality that applications like Slack are offering, in the coming months Jive will launch a new employee messaging product called Jive Chime.

Chime, whether used from a desktop computer or a mobile phone, enables co-workers to start and receive one-to-one and group conversations from any device and quickly find and access the people they need anytime, anywhere.

Jive describes what to expect from their upcoming app:

Messaging for Work. “No matter the location, Chime helps you reach the right people at the right time. With mobile 1-1 and group messaging, you won’t have to wait around for responses, piece together fragmented conversations, or be tied to your desk.”

Seamless Access. “With Chime for iOS, Android, desktop and web, you’ll have all your conversations and contacts accessible anywhere, on any device.”

Your WorkStyle. “Customize notifications to stay in the loop without being bombarded by alerts, create and name contact groups, see when messages are read, share content in-line & much more.

Your Company in Your Pocket. “Enjoy instant access to co-workers without having to share contact information, waste time tracking people down, or have personal and professional conversations mixed in the same app.”

Jive People

But there is more. Jive will make soon available another interesting product, Jive People. The app could be considered the next-generation corporate directory in employees’ pockets. It provides relevant and real-time updates about colleagues, and it includes a quick access to call, email or connect with them while on the go.

A win-win situation

With those new apps Jive is creating a win-win situation between individuals’ and organisational needs. With the emergence of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon, workers often use personal texting and instant messaging accounts for business purposes, requiring them to exchange personal information with colleagues.

Products like Jive Chime and Jive People, which can be easily accessed through a company domain, will eliminate the need for employees to find their own solutions.

Built for purpose

Key is that each new app is purpose-built for employees’ specific communications and collaboration needs, and can be used independently without necessarily having deployed a Jive platform within the business.

It is a clever and intelligent move which give Jive the opportunity to build a broader user-base.

As Chief Product Officer Clara Liang told me, “we wanted to offer new products that are bite size and can help companies of all sizes embrace new workstyles more quickly. It is an easier way to start building adoption, get business value and drive meaningful change inside the organisation. It is a starting point for building a full digital transformation.”

“Each app can work on its own, or if you want to, you can use all of them in combination. It is really about solving your own specific problem(s) whether you are a large company or SME. If you want to have more real-time interactions, then you have Chime. If you want to give employee a very modern people directory always available in their pocket, then you can start with People. And, if your main concern is getting communication alignment, then you can start from Daily. It all depends on the pain points that you are trying to tackle.”

President Elisa Steele also said: “We’ve found that businesses of all shapes and sizes struggle to keep employees informed, engaged and in touch across increasingly distributed, multi-generational workforces.

“Jive Daily, Jive Chime and Jive People provide intuitive, frictionless mobile experiences that help companies embrace employees’ various work styles and drive strategic alignment as a competitive differentiator.”


Jive is confirming its leading position in helping people to connect and build communities, as recognised by top analyst firms in multiple categories. It keeps demonstrating a sound understanding of the workplace graph as well as the specific pain points required to achieve adoption and engagement with a digital workforce. I have no doubt that they will continue to surprise us…