intranetnowThe Intranet Now Diamond Award recognises one individual for their exceptional contribution to the intranet community.

The award is part of the Intranet Now conference — the largest intranet conference in the UK — and the winner will be announced on stage on 5th October 2017.

To nominate someone simply tweet Intranet Now co-founder, Brian Lamb, on @BLamb or email him on – make sure to tell him your reason and the online details of the person. The nominee must be someone who inspires your work and, by sharing their expertise and journey, helps you to learn and keep up-to-date with the evolution of the intranet.

“The digital workplace is an important concept, and the intranet place within it is still emerging for many organisations. Those intranet and comms people who only consider the intranet to be a broadcast channel will find their budgets and headcounts cut, while those that embrace digital and consider the intranet to be a collaboration and productivity platform will see themselves elevated,” writes Lamb.

intranetnow2Past Intranet Now Diamond winners include Martin White, Sam Marshall, James Robertson, and the Intranetizen crew (Dana Leeson, Luke Mepham, Jonathan Phillips, and Sharon O’Dea).

“They won because of their remarkable contribution to the intranet community; they won because they share so much – they write, they tweet, they get into deep conversations on Slack and LinkedIn”, explains Intranet Now founder, Wedge.

The long list of the award entries will be published in due course on Intranet Now website.