ipad-632394_960_720The ‘Internet access in Great Britain: 2016’ statistical bulletin shows that overall 75% of adults used the internet ‘on the go’ on a smartphone, portable computer or handheld device in 2016. However, this rose to 97% for those aged 16 to 24.

Use of social networking continued to grow with 63% of adults using social media platforms in 2016, up from 61% in 2015.

More than three quarters (77%) of adults had bought goods or services online, up slightly from 2015. Clothes and sports goods remained the most popular online purchases in 2016, bought by 54% of adults.

89% of households in Great Britain (23.7 million) had an internet connection in 2016, up from 86% in 2015. In households with children this rose to 99%, but was only 53% for pensioners living alone.

internetThe vast majority of households with internet access had fixed broadband, such as DSL, cable or optical fibre (93%). 30% of households connected to the internet using mobile broadband via a mobile phone network.

Of the 11% of households in Great Britain with no internet access, 21% reported that this was due to a lack of skills. Further barriers reported included equipment costs being too high and access costs being too high (both 9%), while 59% of households without internet access reported that this was because they didn’t need it.