Obeying all of the rules rarely generates breakthrough business performance because it does not generate new approaches. Breaking the rules randomly does not work either. Through careful planning, understanding the environment, and quantifying goals, rule breaking or employing non-standard approaches can accelerate business improvement. Using a variety of real world case study examples and pragmatic tools, Intelligent Disobedience helps the reader assess their own leadership challenges and understand if rule bending or breaking techniques would be prudent to achieve improved business outcomes.

A significant component of leadership is the ability to lead change initiatives, which requires personal and business acumen. This book supports those characteristics, as well as helping build courage, perseverance and self confidence. Using stories and assessment tools, this concise and insightful book discusses the ethical evaluation of potential acts of intelligent disobedience, provides a model for assessing business and personal risk, and shares lessons learned from successful and unsuccessful acts of intelligent disobedience. In addition, communication techniques are presented to support intelligent disobedience with management, peers and staff members.

In Intelligent Disobedience, McGannon draws from his personal experiences as a middle and senior manager in the corporate world, as well as his journey as an international entrepreneur to lay out pragmatic options for improving business outcomes. Interviews with successful executives utilising intelligent disobedience provide different perspectives to assist the reader who seeks to deploy these powerful leadership techniques.