Proc11[34989]An analysis by the specialist procurement and supply chain consultancy, 1st Executive, found that firms in the UK are increasingly seeking professionals with technology skills to work within the supply chain. This comes at a time when Industry 4.0 – where a string of new technologies including AI, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing combine to drive sweeping changes – is beginning to impact the manufacturing and supply chain arenas, driving greater demand for tech specialists.  1st Executive’s analysis compared client job specifications with those from the same period 12 months ago and found firms were now increasingly seeking professionals with technology experience or expertise to operate in the supply chain.

James Tucker, Managing Director of 1st Executive, says: “Firms have sought technology expertise for the past few years, however over the past six months this demand has increased enormously and that’s largely down to the rise of Industry 4.0. It’s now critical to have professionals with the skills to take advantage of this new revolution within the supply chain.

“Many firms are already actively targeting tech specialists to work for them, but the truth is that there aren’t enough professionals in the market with these skills to meet the anticipated demand. That’s why training and upskilling is so critical.”

Marco Taisch, an expert on Industry 4.0 and Director of the Executive Course in Manufacturing Management at MIP Politecnico di Milano School of Management, who is developing courses with increased technological focus for the next generation of supply chain professionals, agrees:

“Industry 4.0 will drastically change the supply chain arena and has already driven a much greater need for professionals with advanced technology skills.

“These changes will infiltrate into the industry at a rapid pace and any nations not preparing to meet the anticipated demand could rapidly fall behind the curve and start to lose competitiveness without these skills in place.”