music1Many graduates are resorting to self-employment or freelancing to take control of their career. And in order to enable this workplace shift, online communities help to give ambitious workers the platform they need to showcase their skills. Breve Encounter is such a website, focussed solely towards all aspects of the music industry. Whether a graduate in sound engineering, vocal coaching, magazine journalism or more, the unique online hub forms connections between its members to boost their profile and further their career, giving its members the means to succeed in their dream role.

Jonathan Richmond, Managing Director of Breve Encounter, said, “It is a tricky time for students, as although a degree can no longer guarantee work, many opportunities simply won’t be available to those who don’t have one. Once qualified, a student must be pro-active if they wish to reach their professional goals.

“With the popularity of other networking websites such as LinkedIn, it is clear that this is the mind-set that many are adopting. Breve Encounter simply creates this community with one sole industry in mind – music.”

Breve Encounter is free to join, making it a good investment to any graduate wanting to embark on a career in the music business. Members then create and customise personal profiles to acts as an online ‘CV’ which can be explored by other users, alongside job adverts and forums for making connections.