bean bag workers 2_299889119 copyThe global beverage company Rémy Cointreau employs 1,800 people and has more than $1 billion in annual sales. The company recently embarked on a transformation designed to improve business agility, simplify user access to apps and ease the onboarding of new employees. Rémy Cointreau turned to Centrify to help it achieve these goals by transitioning to a more agile, cloud-based security infrastructure.

Specifically, the company needed to respond better to the changing work habits of its employees, who access, on average, 20 different cloud- and web-based applications per day. The company wanted to increase productivity by allowing employees to securely access apps from any device, anywhere and at any time.

Distribution Warehouse copyRémy previously had a single sign-on solution, but it was only available in French and suffered from a number of support barriers. For instance, adding new apps through that system was expensive. With an IT team of 50 staffers supporting the entire worldwide organisation, the company needed an effective solution that it could easily deploy and maintain.

Additionally, the new security platform needed to be simple for employees to use. Forgotten passwords, password resets, and account lockouts and reactivations were an ongoing problem for the IT department, accounting for 30 percent of all help desk tickets. With the industry average cost of a help desk call running anywhere from $25 to $30, these calls not only slowed productivity and consumed valuable time, they cost the company money.

Sebastien Huet - CTO - Remy Cointreau“We have many cloud apps from many different vendors and Centrify provides a portal through which users can get access to all those applications with a click or tap, from any device,” says Sébastien Huet (pictured right), chief technology officer at Rémy Cointreau. “In effect, Centrify ties all the apps together and gives them the feel of one large, unified solution. Centrify wasn’t a financial decision, it was a strategic move based on the agility it would deliver the company.”

Since implementing Centrify Identity Service (CIS), Rémy has simplified the onboarding of new employees and driven increases in productivity. “New employees are productive more quickly after joining the company and existing employees are more efficient as well,” adds Huet.

team and computer_288576791 copyRémy also benefits from Centrify’s enterprise mobility management solution, which is part of CIS. By consolidating identity management in one place, Rémy is able to alleviate pressure on IT with one less product to manage, saving the company the cost of a separate security solution. Rémy also plans to implement multi-factor authentication.

Bill Mann, chief product officer at Centrify, says: “We are excited to help Rémy Cointreau transition to the cloud while successfully navigating today’s complex threat landscape.”