IoTDLL is monitoring the outside world to help businesses successfully navigating challenging markets. The company sees the Internet of Things (IoT) as one of today’s game-changing trends and potentially opening new revenue streams for manufacturers within several industries.

Egbert de Jong, Vice President Strategy & Product Development, Asset Management & Remarketing at DLL, says: “The Internet of Things is not just a future trend, it is happening right now. We believe that to continue to be successful, you need to get on board today. Since each industry follows its own approach, we’ve, in this bluepaper, set out case studies from several industries. We hope this paper will inspire businesses to follow this path and we are ready to support them along the road”.

Simply defined, IoT uses connected equipment and devices to create business value. This seamless interconnectivity is facilitating the collection of thousands of data points on when and how equipment is being used. All these data help businesses manage their equipment more effectively and reduce overall utilization costs. For example, it helps manufacturers and suppliers better understand when equipment should be serviced and the right time to offer technology upgrades or new products. De Jong adds: “IoT basically makes manufacturers better at the things they do by enabling them to provide better customer service, new and innovative products, digital tools and in the end, enhancing their competitive position in the market”.

DLL firmly believes that the younger generation will drive innovation in IoT for decades to come.