Hive1Hive HR, which launched in 2015, has appointed Lisette Nicholson as Employee Engagement Coach to run the new initiative, and has already held a number of of training days and facilitation workshops with organisations, including Thirteen Group, AVEVA and InsureTheBox.

“As a company that helps organisations understand, measure and improve employee engagement, it made sense for us to offer a support network to help them through the process,” says Nicholson. “We work with HR professionals who are hugely experienced in terms of organisational and people development, but often lack the specific skills or confidence to drive employee engagement throughout the business. They may have had an experience already or dipped their toe in the water in terms of engagement, but not got the results they wanted or faced certain challenges. Our job is to go in and do a mixture of coaching, guiding and facilitating, as well as provide support where it’s needed.”

As part of the new initiative, Hive will offer businesses bespoke training and coaching, either working one to one with a project lead, such as an HR manager, or go in and train a whole HR team so they can then train other managers within the organisation. The company’s USP is its ability to create affordable, tailored sessions that can deliver what the business needs, regardless of size, organisational structure or number of employees.

The sessions will focus on strategic challenges like how to build employee engagement into an overall people strategy and how to measure the impact. Hive, which develops an always-on approach to employee engagement through automated micro surveys, will also advise on developing the right questions to ask employees to ensure managers get the right feedback at the right time.

Hive-2John Ryder, Founder and CEO of Hive, adds: “We speak to companies every day who know they need to change the way they are doing things, but either lack the experience, the knowledge or the confidence to start. Many are stuck in the past, wedded to the annual employee review, which is both time consuming and unpopular, especially among younger people. We need to move on from this ‘rear view mirror’ approach and focus on real-time feedback that delivers value for the employee and the business.”