Mercerbabylonproduct, a global consulting firm that specialises in health, wealth and careers, has partnered with babylon to provide access to GP and specialist consultations through smartphone or online, to help make medical advice easier to access in increasingly busy lifestyles.

babylon’s service lets users act upon health concerns quickly by accessing medical professionals within minutes through video consultations, phone calls or text messages. Users can also get to know their bodies better with a world class monitoring system, which keeps track of everything from key organ functions to cholesterol levels, checking billions of symptoms on the go. This information is analysed by qualified babylon doctors, who can suggest preventative measures, allowing patients to plan ahead and help safeguard their health.

babylon’s new service will be available through Mercer Harmonise, a digital platform that can draw together all of a user’s recorded health data, along with financial and insurance data when entered– allowing easy planning and management of personal finance and health goals. Twitter copy 2

Niall O’Callaghan, Partner at Mercer, said “With Mercer Harmonise, we are looking to change the nature of how benefits are provided in the workplace, to focus on the employee needs. We believe babylon are an ideal partner for us as their product focuses on convenience and personalisation, two of the key tenets to any successful benefits programme for the future.”

“Nothing is more important than our health, and the health of our families,” commented Dr Umang Patel, Clinical Director, babylon. “By partnering with Mercer we are enabling employees to engage with their health in an easily, accessible way.

“By helping people to make positive changes to become healthier and happier, this will lead to less time away from work, increased productivity and more engaged employees.”

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