In May, I was delighted to launch MARGINALIA Future of Work magazine. In the months preceding the launch, my curiosity about just how much the world of work was changing led me to create an online magazine for people who, like me, wanted a better understanding about how organisations were being transformed. Covering the latest developments in technology, communications and leadership over the last seven months has been exhilarating.

The sheer pace of innovation in some companies has sometimes left me speechless and it has been a privilege to get glimpses into the future. Another common theme that emerged when I met companies, was the way they were challenging themselves to re-think their purpose, or adapting their existing practices. I sensed among the executives I interviewed a restlessness and impatience to disrupt the status quo. It has been an eye opening experience to interview incredibly passionate individuals who are creating the future! I believe we can all learn something from them and apply the learning to our own life for a better future of work, and indeed, society.

Thank you to…companies who have generously given me their time and precious insights…my readers and subscribers for their feedback and loyalty…and finally my sponsors for their support.

I am looking forward to 2017 as I unearth more developments in the future of work. But in the meantime here are the top 5 articles published in 2016 on MARGINALIA:

  1. Creating a culture of innovation

  2. How digitally capable is your organisation?

  3. The future of work is scalable learning

  4. Employee apps – what does the future hold?

  5. The value of the neo-generalist at work

Happy 2017 everyone…


Founder and Publisher, MARGINALIA