Condeco Desk Screen 2CIPD research suggests that flexible working will be the main way of working for 70 per cent of organisations by 2020. Large scale implementation of flexible working policies will create a significant workspace management challenge for companies already under pressure to reduce their real estate expenditure.

Jenny Noon, Facilities and Real Estate Director at Time UK, commented: “As Time UK reinvents itself from being a traditional media company to a new type of business in the digital age, we are also transforming the way we work. We’ve adopted a ‘modern working’ approach in all our office locations, moving everyone to hot-desking and creating more vibrant, collaborative and inspiring work spaces – we’ve even designed a ‘pub’ environment for one of our publications.

“Changing the way our office spaces look and feel is helping us to work differently, stimulating the creativity we need to achieve this important business transformation. It’s also helping us to work more efficiently by making better use of our expensive real estate in London.”

Condeco Software, who recently won a Queen’s Award for helping blue-chip brands with this task, are now launching a next-generation Desk Screen to provide a new way to manage the workplace. By connecting each workstation with the screen, Condeco offer businesses the chance to implement desk booking systems, collect usage data, and reduce the problem of wasted space.

Condeco Desk Screen.1Jenny Noon continued: “While modern working brings many advantages, having fewer desks than there are people working in your office spaces can be risky. By enabling people to book a desk in advance, Condeco’s Desk Screens are easing any worries they may have about being unable to find a desk when they come to the office. Particularly useful are features such as the clear traffic-light display screens, which do away with any uncertainty as to whether a desk is booked or not.

“What’s great is that our US-based parent company came to a separate decision to also use Condeco, which presents the possibility of us having a worldwide booking system that streamlines the experience of working across multiple locations.”

Paul Statham, founder and CEO of Condeco, says: “All the developments in the way we work – from flexible working to working across multiple office locations and more – are actually creating a bit of a management headache for many businesses. And although they are designed to make people’s working lives easier, sometimes the sum of all the changes is to make the office more complicated.

“When turning up at a specific office location to work, the task of simply finding a free desk can be really daunting. The idea of the Desk Screen is that people will be able to walk into an office and see where desks are free. And once you’ve checked-in, anyone who needs to come and speak to you can very easily find where you’re sitting. This plays a big part in ensuring that employees can collaborate easily throughout their day.

Paul-RoomScreen-highres.1“Technology such as this means that embracing more collaborative working is not only possible, but effective.  Businesses who make their offices responsive to a flexible workforce can stride towards a more productive future, where employees are fully engaged.”

Paul Statham continues: “We know that space efficiency savings have the biggest impact on real-estate costs across the globe. With these savings available to those businesses who are able to monitor their office space utilisation accurately, the Desk Screen promises to deliver value for money, making it the viable offering which upgrades the humble desk with smart technology.”