FLA new study by digital market intelligence firm SimilarWeb, shows swathes of continents turning to Facebook Lite since it was  launched on the Play Store one year ago. The study looks at the average daily percentage of users that open the app at least once a day out of all Android users in 223 countries in May 2016.

This finds that the top ten countries with the highest rate of use across their Android-using population are Timor Leste (64.61% of all Android users opening the app daily), Comoros (34.96%), Madagascar (34.96%), Lesotho (30.12%), Nepal (26.56%) Republic of Congo (24.39), Equatorial Guinea (23.82%), Solomon Islands (23.68%) Democratic Republic of Congo (19.71%) and Nicaragua (17.24%).

The research found Africa represents the heaviest Lite users – with three countries seeing usage of the Lite exceeding the regular Facebook app: Equatorial Guinea, Comoros and Timor Leste.

Lite penetration can also be seen in South America and South East Asia, and to lower extent in East Europe.Among European Nations, Albania leads the way with 4.27%, followed by Hungary with 3.82% and Bosnia and Herzegovina with 3.41%. Facebook Lite

Greenland is the only western country with substantial Lite penetration, potentially as  it’s impossible to give good network coverage to such a huge area with a small population.

In India by June 2015, the app was installed on just 0.50% of Indian Android devices, but this has since shot up to 8.69% in May 2016, a growth of 1638%.

India currently has a Daily Active Use rate of 3.49% after increasing every month, compared to a 64% active use for the main Facebook app on Android devices.

In the USA, UK, and Australia, installs of Facebook Lite have risen steadily since the app was launched in June 2015. These figures are still low, and in May 2016, the app was only installed on 0.26% of US Android devices, but that still represents a growth of 1200%.