l67% of managers understand the contribution of ESN to cope with challenges related to digital transformation but find it difficult to question the system in which they have grown up.

Supporting and Preparing Your Business for Change: Latest Developments in Enterprise Social Networking’ looks at the latest developments in ESN and covers:

  • How to identify social and collaborative value
  • How to identify transformation, its agents, and technologies
  • How managers tackle the challenges of collaboration

The study is based on behavior analysis of more than 20 000 active spaces with twenty large companies. Lecko offers analytics solution facilitating large-scale piloting the development of new collaborative behaviors and allows you to compare yourself.

Lecko evaluated 28 global ESN vendors and ranked Jive as a global leader in six categories.

“With its comprehensive and powerful collaboration solutions, Jive remains a leader in the market,” the report states. “Jive performs extremely well in the socialization of business practices, and in the past year alone has added productivity tools that enhance the employee mobile experience with Jive’s interactive intranet solution.”

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