This Engage for Change Groucho Breakfast is a must-hear for those interested in neuroscience and the ability to lead people through organisational change.


Understanding how employees’ brains work has lasting impact in terms of meeting business objectives and becoming an employer of choice.

Hilary Scarlett’s book, Neuroscience for Organizational Change, helps businesses understand why employees find organisational change difficult and what they need to perform at their best. Providing practical examples of how to apply these insights, Scarlett’s book enables companies to improve performance as well as support the mental and emotional well-being of their employees.

The format of the breakfast is:

8:00 Arrive for coffee and networking

8:30 Full breakfast served

9:00 Guest Speaker Hilary Scarlett

9:30 Table chat to focus questions and comments

9:40 Q&A with Hilary chaired by John Smythe

10.30 Hard close for Breakfast

10.45 Deeper Dive begins – max 25 – to explore the topic in further depth

13:00 Or before close.

Book your place here and enjoy this interactive breakfast by Engage for Change.