MIAM2015_1The Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation (EMMA) has been developed in partnership with the Comau Academy, a global provider of advanced manufacturing solutions, and will be accepting applications from September 2016 for a January 2017 start.

The programme will give students the skills to think strategically and lead technological and organisational change in ‘the factory of tomorrow’. Participants will also learn how and when to apply automation technologies to existing manufacturing operations, how to actively contribute to the design and development of automation systems and to manage the complex and advanced portfolios of supplies and suppliers, amongst other things.

Academic Director Giovanni Scarso-Borioli said: “In a world where the CEOs of some of the largest global organisations are technology gurus themselves, there is increasing market demand both for managers to develop technological know-how, as well for engineers to grow their management and leadership skills. This is why we have created the Executive Master in Manufacturing Automation and Digital Transformation (EMMA).”

Prof. Scarso-Borioli continues: “These days, advances in digital technology are exponentially increasing opportunities for innovation.

“The factory of the future will require managers with a deep understanding of technology and of the end-to-end value chain of manufacturing.

Double exposure of businessman with Industrial equipment

“Better products and faster development cycles, customised value propositions, self-diagnosing equipment and products, and safer working environments are among the many opportunities which can be unlocked by new capabilities such as virtualisation, human/machine collaboration and real-time connectivity.”

Participants will be selected from a variety of industries and backgrounds, and will spend time between ESCP Europe campuses in London, Berlin and Turin.

Find more details about the programme here.


Picture ‘Double exposure of businessman with industrial equipment’: Tzido