The rapid spread of the Coronavirus around the world has triggered a sense of panic among the people. Keeping cool during such times is important to effectively deal with this health crisis. Teenage author Arnab in this invited article attempts to allay the fears and supports his arguments with facts.

Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy gives a lot of valuable information about multiverses, aliens, robots, intergalactic drinks like the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. But the most important message is on its front cover which is ‘DON’T PANIC!” 

Coronavirus is a concerning matter that gave off a rough start to the year. But there’s nothing to be panicking about it. Due to this topic being sensitive and constantly changing, the statistics get outdated incredibly quickly. So, the statistics used in this article will be as of 26th February. 

The situation is being addressed to counter all the tabloids and panic-inducing news spread in the entire world, which in turn induce xenophobia towards the Chinese people. The only purpose of the article is to spread hope and address the issue, and not to ignore it.


The current coronavirus is one of the many. Belonging to the family Coronaviridae, SARS CoV 2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2), causes a disease now known as COVID-19.

Corona in Latin means crown. The family is named that way because of the protein spikes spread all over the viruses. More specifically, when seen under an electron microscope, the appearance is somewhat resembling to the solar corona.


We have actually faced Coronaviridae before. The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and SARS-1 are some of the examples. Coronavirus is something concerning but not something to worry upon. In China, over 70, 000 people have been confirmed to have coronavirus. But, only 2,715 have died and actually, 29,247 people have actually recovered! Infact Doctors claim that the global cure rate of COVID-19 has reached 97.5%, while the death rate did not exceed 2.5% (Gulf Insider, 2020). 

Actually, the cases in Wuhan province have actually decreased and cases outside have also decreased {Outside Wuhan}. Recoveries have actually started increasing and deaths are actually still low, compared to recoveries. 

“Kerala’s public health system inspires me. Seeing the level of preparedness the health personnel have and how they fearlessly tackle any health adversity from Nipah to coronavirus, makes me want to become a part of this inspiring system. I want to give back to all the people who prayed for my swift recovery,” says the Indian student from Kerala.” All the three students from Kerala who came back from Wuhan province with corona virus infection have fully recovered. (Source – (The News Minute, 2020)


There is no treatment for it yet, but intensive care is the suggested care to be taken now. Avoid consuming game meat (boar, duck, etc.), do not go in public places where hygiene conditions aren’t good and cook the food properly (no sushi for you!)

Wash hands when you come from playing or from the office with soap or with an alcohol-based sanitizer (Consumption of Alcohol is injurious to viruses too!). Clean surfaces with ethanol (68-71% concertation). Do not travel to areas with coronavirus until absolutely needed. If you do, then wear a N95 mask and most importantly, stay at home (Yeah! Bunking school!). 

But most importantly DO NOT PANIC!! And do not spread or share news when you are not sure about the source. This will help others more than knowing those unconfirmed news sources.

To end this article, a poem is mandatory, So here’s the Dark Crown (which can’t hurt you) 


The Apocalypse is here,

But don’t fret, its end is near.

The dark crown can’t hurt you,

If hot tea is what you consume.

“DON’T PANIC”, is what the guide said;

And I say, don’t be scared.

The Dark Crown can’t hurt you

If raw food is what you don’t consume.

Stay at home, Stay Safe

We’re Bunking School, Yay!

The Dark Crown can’t hurt you

If cooked food is what you consume

Wash your hands, clean your house

With some ethanol

The Dark Crown can’t hurt you

If what I said is what you do!

About the Author

 Arnab Sengupta is a Zener, a 13-year-old boy who studies in grade 8. His home country is India; however, he currently lives with his dad and mom in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He loves writing and has finished his first unpublished science fiction novel. He loves music, plays piano and is also a vocalist. He released his first original solo single ‘Secret Crush’ on his You Tube channel Symphonies of the Sea. He has won many awards nationally and internationally. Recently, he won 7 individual gold and silver medals at the World Scholars Cup. 


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