LO_A2498This week, the intellectual property (IP) management and technology company CPA Global, introduced its Asia Pacific General Manager, Marcos Antunes (pictured right), and China General Manager Yifeng Song (pictured below), to media at a press event in Beijing.

The executives shared CPA Global’s integrated IP management platform and business mission, as well as insights on IP industry trends in China and globally.

Chinese innovators and innovation oriented policies and growth strategies “Made in China 2025” and “Internet Plus” are driving breakthroughs in core technologies. However, despite patent filings in China growing more than 20 percent per year, only five percent of patents are filed globally, limiting IP protection and portfolio expansion. As Chinese companies continue to expand their business abroad, IP is increasingly used as a strategic tool for business innovation and transformation. While China has some notable global IP success stories already, there is still significant untapped potential for China’s industries to effectively leverage IP value at a global level.

Antunes, Asia Pacific General Manager, says: “IP has become the competitive currency in today’s global economy, and there is increasing pressure to protect complex portfolios throughout the world. China is starting to occupy an increasingly prominent role in the global innovation system. CPA Global helps leading Chinese companies and organisations build and protect their global IP assets, providing an integrated platform that empowers them to meet these challenges and maximise the value of their IP.”

LO_B5452Yifeng Song, General Manager (China), adds: “CPA Global is the leader in IP management and is a strategic partner for Chinese organisations. We are building the platform that connects people to systems and processes, people to information and people to people in a unique and powerful way. Through this platform, our customers will be able to get the right information at the right time, help them drive better decision making and more efficient execution.

“CPA Global has been helping many leading Chinese companies to register their patents, domestically and globally. We have already processed more than half of outbound Chinese patents, and we are working with more Chinese companies, empowering innovation and development globally.”

With more than 45 years of IP management experience, CPA Global is providing China’s leading companies with insight and global expertise, helping them to navigate in today’s complex and demanding IP landscape