pkThe New Way founder, Peta Kelly (pictured right), shares her transition from PHD student to thought leader and entrepreneur in the latest episode of the Kitty Talks podcast, revealing her personal advice for like-minded individuals with a dream, as well as her unique vision of success.

The Australian speaker and business woman talks Millennials, ideas, signals and alignment, and describes the steps taken to achieve her current status. “Pay attention to the ideas, to the visions,” says Kelly. “These are entities, and they are specifically coming to us because we’re the human that’s equipped to bring them to life.”

The Kitty Talks podcast, Inspired by Humans, launched on 22 April 2017. The show features interviews of personalities from various industries, who have followed their true calling and now share their experience with Kitty Waters (pictured below) founder of the Kitty Talks podcast, to inspire others to transform their lives. A transformational teacher and trainer, Kitty Waters has started Kitty Talks to inspire people to follow their passion and purpose.

The Peta Kelly episode tackles the subjects of intuition, guilt, worry, and purpose. “Honor your alignment. Put it before anything else,” says Kelly. “That’s the ultimate courage.”

Kelly is the founder of The Supercharged tribe, The New Way events, and the creator of Jeaniius, her chief entity and global hub of Millennials and other inspired people mobilised to create in a courageous, different way.

“We just don’t need to put so much pressure on ourselves to become anything overnight. We have to realise we are always being guided perfectly and amazingly, and we are constantly being slowly equipped for the next level,” says Kelly on her journey.  kitty

The Peta Kelly episode keeps in the tradition of the Kitty Talks podcast. “Our vision for Kitty Talks is to inspire a generation of change makers to follow their passion and purpose, and make a difference on the planet,” says Waters. “We share well-known people’s life stories to show our listeners that anything is possible when we follow our intuition to do what we love, and to encourage them to take action themselves.”

Peta Kelly will be the guest of the Kitty Talks podcast on 26 August 2017.