Check1Check is the new mobile social application powered by iBeacon technology that has landed this week on the app store and is available to all iPhone users in North America.

The app enables people to discover who is in the same location as themselves and to interact with those that have visited the same businesses as they have.

The user experience focuses on gamification, similar to a treasure hunt that is catalysed by unlocking businesses that people visit. After visiting and unlocking a location, users can contact and engage with each other in real time, browse profiles, share photos, and develop relationships.

Check3Check has already made a name for itself in the European market with the help of an iBeacon-equipped network that is estimated to have 5,000 outlets by the end of the year. Check offers businesses a turnkey solution to engage with people on a local scale. The application Check Pro, combined with a Bluetooth iBeacon installation, enables companies to communicate information directly with people through their smartphones. At the same time, Check facilitates access to data and statistics to help businesses better understand users’ habits, which helps create an effective and interactive digital experience for venues.

Check4The iBeacon Check network deployment has begun with the introduction of the application in Los Angeles as a test market in North America. Regional bars, restaurants, concert venues, gyms, and other retail chain outlets are setting up beacons at their locations to provide people with a digital social experience.

In fact, Check wants to birth a generation of social network and business-interactive applications that start in real life and work in real time. iBeacon technology allows people to break the wall between the virtual world and the real world.

“We have been feverishly working on Check for over two years now and our team is proud to bring its expertise and knowledge to the technological forefront of North America,” says Kevin Crouvizier, co-founder of Check.