chatbot1Juniper Research anticipates that providers of messaging applications will begin focusing their strategies around the development and provision of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot tools. The new research, Mobile Messaging, argues that the introduction of chatbots is an opportunity to expand in-app offerings, beyond a mere messaging service.

According to Juniper, by leveraging AI technology, these platforms will offer an attractive means of engagement by allowing for greater flexibility and minimising call wait times.

The research argues that chatbot launches on messaging apps will provide a wealth of opportunities for the eRetail and banking sector over the next 5 years. Frequently used services such as balance checking and regular purchases will be some of the early uses.

Juniper forecasts that the number of chatbots on mobile devices will exceed 2 billion globally by 2021, as western players aim to emulate the success of chatbots in China. Popular names, such as Amazon and eBay, will play a vital role in building trust in the technology.

Research author Sam Barker commented: “Successful chatbots will increase audience engagement, and generate repeat business. Mobile messaging providers must ensure they support these chatbots in their applications, or risk user churn to competitors.”