Bynder-Remote-Week-Picture-05Bynder, a global tech company and supporter of modern workplaces, announces Friday, August 4th as Global Work Remote Day, and invites businesses around the world to join the movement of working out of the office for a day.

Over the past decade, a rising number of young professionals have leveraged the use of technology to work remotely. After the company’s decision to close the doors of its six global offices for a week, Bynder wants to encourage other teams to do the same and work outside their offices on August 4th, 2017.

“With everyone online and connected, flexibility increases and that’s where people thrive,” said Kristel Moedt, people and talent director at Bynder. “Companies have the tools to stay efficient, and people that prove they can produce great results, no matter where they are. In return, working remotely now and again can bring a lot of benefits such as increased productivity, creativity and decreased stress.”

Several companies such as WeWork, Wanderbrief, BloomReach, Fixico and Hotjar have already confirmed their participation, embracing the idea of building a more remote-friendly business.

“Our team needs to be innovative and do things differently compared to traditional players in our market, and we realise that as an employer we should do the same. By participating, Fixico wants to show full support for the idea and encourage others to take part,” said Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries, Founder & CEO of Fixico.

On August 4th companies will do business from inspiring places and share how they work best, using the hashtag #RemoteDay across social media channels.