AIIM first launched its Certified Information Professional (CIP) certification in 2011 and it has become known as one of the information industry’s most highly regarded professional qualifications. After a period of consultation with AIIM members, focus groups and industry experts in early 2016, the certification has been relaunched to reflect the need for information workers to become digital leaders with the skills and experience to optimise information assets and transform business.

Peggy Winton_AIIM(1)Peggy Winton (pictured right), interim President, AIIM, said:

“The ‘perfect storm’ of change driven by consumerisation, cloud, mobile, and the Internet of Things has changed the way we view information and it has changed the skills we need to get the best value from it.

“We believe the information professional is one of the most important roles in any organisation. So we have looked at CIP and updated it to more accurately define the body of knowledge necessary for information professionals to be successful in today’s digital economy.”

In fact, the CIP’s newly updated version caters for those entrusted with the task of building an information strategy in a time of digital disruption.

AIIM built a certification and test based upon the body of knowledge gained from its interactions with industry experts, focus groups and members. The new CIP is available at locations around the world, and AIIM has also created a set of training courses and materials to help information professionals prepare for the examination.

CIP_eBook“Someone must be able to provide guidance to the process people, technology people, and end users that interact with content and information management systems, and also help the organisation think through what it means to manage information as a business asset in this era of digital transformation,” continued Peggy Winton. “Someone needs to own the big picture and we believe that someone is the information professional”.

AIIM has also launched a free new eBook, Information Professionals: Where We Came From and Where We’re Going, that looks in more detail at the new role of the Information Professional and has more information about becoming an AIIM Certified Information Professional.


Pictures courtesy of AIIM