Exposing yourselves to others’ ideas and learning, it is an optimum method for developing knowledge, and building relationships. Intranet Now 2017 – the largest intranet conference in the UK which takes place on 5th October in London – offers just that, thanks to three World Café sessions. Nobody is an ‘attendee’, everybody is a participant.

IntranetNowThe Intranet Now event will feature around 20 lightning talks on the digital workplace. But, once the presentations are over, participants will gather around tables to share their conference’s takeaways with the rest of their peers. Of course, this would not happen without letting everyone grab a coffee!

In each World Café session, the starting point is the same: “Share a key lesson from the conference that you’ll take back to the office,” says Intranet Now founder, Wedge Black.

The purpose of a World Café? To build on the knowledge acquired from the talks and make it personal. The World Café sparks relevant conversations for each individual as they will share something that resonated with them during the day. As Black puts it: “The only objective is to make sure everyone talks and is heard!”

Intranet Now focuses on the latest developments in the intranet industry. The World Café will help enhance the high quality learning obtained throughout the day.

Learn more about what makes Intranet Now unique (and the link between the intranet ‘now’ and the future of work), in this MARGINALIA interview with the founder, Wedge Black.