Where “rich content” once meant images or video, the XOPO app enables users to send money directly to friends and family on popular social networks.

The service, which is available for Android and iOS devices, can be used across multiple channels including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Wechat as well as traditional text messages.

The UK is the first market in the world from which users can send money internationally, across popular social networks.  As a launch offer, currently there is no charge on money transfers of up to £3,000.  From the 16th April, a starting fee of £0.95 will be introduced which will vary depending on the destination, corridor, method and transfer size.

Examples transfers via the XOPO app:


Users can also send digital content – photos, emoticons, videos, messages, along with the money transfer – adding emotions and experiences to the money transfer, and making it perfect for any transfer type, particularly special occasions.

Social integration of money transfer will enable family and friends to transfer money to anyone from anywhere and at any time of the day, creating a global money transfer service that eclipses the versatility of banks.

Sudhesh Giriyan, Chief Operating Officer at Xpress Money said, “XOPO will transform the global money transfer market, making money transfer as straightforward as a status update or a tweet.  This is particularly valuable in those situations where you may need to send money to a friend or loved one at short notice or on the move.”

The service gives greater flexibility to the users – no longer does the sender need the receiver’s bank account details – they just need to be connected over a social channel of choice to transfer the funds. Additionally, the receiver can also directly send a request for money through the app to the sender.

XOPO does not send money using the Facebook network, it only allows you to pick a contact from Facebook or other social channels of your choice. The money transfer actually happens through Xpress Money’s secure payment channels using a tokenised link.  In short, there is no actual physical money being transferred on XOPO and there is no financial or personal information being shared on the system.

Sudhesh Giriyan added: “We understand that some consumers may have reservations about a financial service linked to social channels.  We’ve designed XOPO with security front of mind in every aspect.”

Within months, the XOPO service will expand to include other forms of value, such as international airtime transfers and domestic money transfers.

Learn more about XOPO from the video below: