Eighty per cent of business decision makers and 90% of c-suite executives say they have had to spend time outside working hours to catch up on their work administrative tasks, with more than a third (35%) admitting they have let their family down as a result of this admin overload.

The most common admin blowouts highlighted in the LeasePlan UK research* included administrative tasks (59%), email communication and management (50%), vehicle management, such as fuel expenses and claims (32%), and taxing and insuring company vehicles (32%). It is therefore no wonder that with this amount of additional administration on top of their day job, that 88% of respondents said that they feel overwhelmed due to the amount of admin they have to do, with 88% of business decision makers and 95% of c-suite respondents saying that administration tasks add unnecessary stress to their jobs.

The LeasePlan UK survey revealed that over a third of business decision makers admitted coming into work early (32%) and using time normally attributed to taking lunch (32%) to get their work administrative tasks done. Whilst over one fifth stated that they were staying late after work hours (22%) to cover off their admin. Of those surveyed, 44% stated that admin tasks take on average between half an hour and an hour per day – equivalent to more than half a working day per week.

When asked what these business decision makers would do if they didn’t have to spend time outside working hours doing administration, over a quarter (26%) stated that they would source and engage with new suppliers, 21% said that they would prefer to be at home in time to read a bedtime story to their children, or do bath time with their family. Similarly, 20% would simply like to return home in time to eat with their family.

*LeasePlan UK conducted the research in conjunction with Atomik Research, among n=506 Business decision makers in companies of 51-1000 employees in the UK.